Friday, 19 August 2016

Cocktail Magic : Creating Unique Cocktails With Different Techniques

Organic vodka is the perfect elixir to create the delish drinks that light up the cocktail parties. The cocktails are made using different techniques. These techniques are used by the master bartenders that everyone just love. The shaken cocktails and the ones that are made through stirring produce different results. Some have cloudy appearance and some have clear drinks. 
The ingredients of the blended drink are blended by putting them into blending jug. The cocktail should be blended smoothly with one consistency. And if you try to achieve the sma by shaking, it will become frothy instead of smooth texture with extra air mixed in the cocktail. Fruits cocktails have to be blended. And the best thing about blended cocktails are that they take really short time to make. However do not overdo it. It can be reduced to really watery consistency which is not good at all.

Mixed Delicacy:
The mixed cocktails are made in clear glass beaker. Put the ice in the beaker and pour the ingredients and start stirring in the gentle motions. The cocktails would become chilled and there would be film on the outside of the jug. Fizzy drinks should be stirred very lightly to prevent the fizz from escaping.

The muddled drinks can be made by stirring the drink with the rounded spoon having a rounded knob at the end. Add the rest of the ingredients and keep on using the reverse end of the spoon to muddle the drink.

You can lighten up the party with a cocktail challenge. Let your guests have a little fun and create their unique connections and embellish their cocktails with umbrellas, swizzle sticks, mixers, fruits with their unique names. Sizzle up your party with these different cocktail games.

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