Thursday, 1 September 2016

Get To Know More About Organic Vodka

There are very little things that a good bar requires  when running a nightclub party or any other enjoyable event. One of these happens to be organic vodka. It is very true that vodka is one of the key elements among an infinite number of drinks. Does not matter whether it a beginner or a seasoned person, it’s always the first choice of everyone. There is a wide selection of products related to different brands available in the market which you can choose as per your taste. 
As there is a numerous variety of vodka available in the market so it always arises a question what we should choose or what not. Are you also searching the answer of same? Yes? Then let’s see the answer.

In order to buy the best vodka type, the thing which you should always consider is quality. It would be appropriate to say that the taste, range and ingredient of any drink entirely depend on the quality. So, if you are planning to purchase a vodka bottle, you should be aware of the quality of the product because a low-quality product can not only destroy the taste of your mouth but also produce an adverse affect on your health.

Therefore,whenever it comes to purchase, before going to buy you must inquire the brand popularity, name, ingredient and all.

There are also a lot of products in the market which have received an honourable award for their best quality, usage of 100% organic grains in the production of drink, pure water and many more factors. The Organic Vodka type is one of them.

These kind of drinks are specially manufactured by hand process so that they can provide the superior quality, delicious taste and endless element of fun. Due to these amazing properties, organic vodka becomes the preference of every party with large number of people drooling over them.

Whether straight or in a cocktail, one taste and you will notice the difference that the organic makes. These sort of drinks especially organic are uniquely crafted from organic wheat grown region. Sometimes vodka can also be utilized for the medical purpose.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Cocktail Magic : Creating Unique Cocktails With Different Techniques

Organic vodka is the perfect elixir to create the delish drinks that light up the cocktail parties. The cocktails are made using different techniques. These techniques are used by the master bartenders that everyone just love. The shaken cocktails and the ones that are made through stirring produce different results. Some have cloudy appearance and some have clear drinks. 
The ingredients of the blended drink are blended by putting them into blending jug. The cocktail should be blended smoothly with one consistency. And if you try to achieve the sma by shaking, it will become frothy instead of smooth texture with extra air mixed in the cocktail. Fruits cocktails have to be blended. And the best thing about blended cocktails are that they take really short time to make. However do not overdo it. It can be reduced to really watery consistency which is not good at all.

Mixed Delicacy:
The mixed cocktails are made in clear glass beaker. Put the ice in the beaker and pour the ingredients and start stirring in the gentle motions. The cocktails would become chilled and there would be film on the outside of the jug. Fizzy drinks should be stirred very lightly to prevent the fizz from escaping.

The muddled drinks can be made by stirring the drink with the rounded spoon having a rounded knob at the end. Add the rest of the ingredients and keep on using the reverse end of the spoon to muddle the drink.

You can lighten up the party with a cocktail challenge. Let your guests have a little fun and create their unique connections and embellish their cocktails with umbrellas, swizzle sticks, mixers, fruits with their unique names. Sizzle up your party with these different cocktail games.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

7 Health Benefits Of Vodka That You Didn’t Knew At First

Vodka beverage has many health benefits apart from the buzz it provides. Apart from creating fantastic drinks and bringing a life to the party, ultra premium vodka is really healthy if taken in moderation. Some of the health benefits of vodka are:
Stress Reduction:
It is a really good agent for relieving stress. It produces relaxation effect in the body and has sleep inducing properties. It helps you calm the brain and put out of stress.

Anesthetic Properties:
It relieves you from mild headache to a bad hangover headache. It has even the properties to cure common cold. The tinctures are usually made by soaking particular herbs and flowers in alcohols.

A shot of vodka goes a long way in relieving the pain. Vodka also helps reducing pain and numbing the affected area, when applied directly. Vodka along with cinnamon works as an effective mouthwash.

Heart Diseases:
Vodka is known for healing properties for heart diseases. It helps dilating blood which allows the blood to flow more freely. This results i n prevention of cardiac arrest and strokes. It is also known to control the cholesterol level of the body.

Healthy Skin:
It is used as a toner for healthy skin. It is an astringent agent that helps tightening the skin and is used in variety of cleansers and toners. It also helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

Antiseptic Properties:
Alcohol is used in making many antiseptic ointments. It helps in sterilizing the wound and helps in preventing infection.

Fever And Sore Throat:
Vodka helps in curing cold sores. It also helps in the ease of urination process that allows the toxins to be flushed out of your body. And it also helps in the process of dieting. While following the low calorie diet, vodka can be a good choice.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What Makes Vodka Cocktails A Hit Among Hosts And Guests In Parties?

Vodka cocktails have always been a hit among the parties whether private or professional ones. And, the guests are not the only ones who like it. Many hosts prefer vodka cocktails over other drinks for their parties. But what makes these drinks so popular?
Here are aspects that make it clear why vodka cocktails are a hit amongst hosts and guests.


The delicious taste of these cocktails is what makes them so popular among guests. With the distinct taste of vodka, blood orange originale or lemoncino bring out the best of a drink. In addition, people like to taste the variety of tasty cocktails that can be prepared with vodka.


Hosts of parties prefer vodka cocktails prepared with popular Italian vodka brands for a variety of reasons, some of which are mentioned below.
  • Easy preparations – It is quite easy for people to prepare cocktails with vodka as all one requires is the ingredients. With a few ingredients and usually shaking or stirring them for mixing, one can get delicious drinks like Thyme For Blood Orange, Lemon Ginger Fizz, Spiced Apple Lemon Drop and Raspberry Lime Cooler.
  • Numerous options – This is another reason why hosts like these drinks as they can prepare numerous options in cocktails. They do not have to rely on the same options over and over as the alternatives are numerous to choose from. One can impress the guests with a new drink for each party.
  • Easily available ingredients – Ingredients that are needed to prepare vodka cocktails are usually easily available in everyone’s kitchen. It includes lemon juice & slices, brown sugar, raspberry puree, orange juice, whipped cream, green tea, chocolate syrup, pumpkin pie spice, peach puree, honey, mint, thyme, ice, ginger beer, vanilla ice cream, and club soda.
  • Chance to experiment – In these drinks, you get the chance to experiment a lot as you can mix vodka with a lot of ingredients creating a new and authentic cocktail according to your taste.
Both hosts and guests like vodka cocktails but regardless of their reasons, these drinks are a hit.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Cocktail Recipes That You Can Prepare With Imported Italian Vodka

Imported vodka is renowned for its distinct taste as well as its usefulness to prepare cocktails. Many may not be aware but you can use Italian vodka to prepare a variety of cocktails. Here are some of your options –

Nectar – You can prepare it with blood orange originale, organic vodka, lemoncino and muddled orange slices. It is the perfect spring cocktail that you can serve to your guest at a small house party effectively earning praises and gaining points for your creativeness.
Hibiscus Ginger Iced Tea – What can be more relaxing than hibiscus ginger iced tea on a hot summer day? Prepare it with simple ingredients - hibiscus syrup, organic vodka, club soda and orange juice. Garnish it as you want (usually, a mint leaf is used) and loosen up a bit from hectic life.

Mango Berry Martini – Martini is a favorite of many and they are always ready to try new recipes. You can make mango berry martini by using blood orange originale, organic vodka, mango juice, and muddled strawberries.

Passione Frutta – Prepare this delicious drink with a few ingredients - mango juice, lemoncino, Vodka and muddled raspberries.

Blood Orange Cran-gria – It is another popular cocktail that is well-liked for parties. You can easily make this drink with ingredients like red wine, cranberry juice, blood orange originale, orange juice, orange slices, frozen cranberries and more.

La Dolce Vita – For those who have a sweet tooth, it is the perfect drink that mixes their desired ingredients - vanilla ice cream, cold brewed ice coffee, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Combined with organic vodka and frangelico, it is a dream that come true.

Blackberry Gimlet – Serve your guest the blackberry gimlet. It can be prepared with lemoncino, fresh lemon juice, organic vodka and blackberry simple syrup.

All of these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. So, why wait? Try out new recipes and enjoy the imported vodka.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Some Of The Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Organic Vodka

Vodka is a sugar free beverage having few calories without any harmful agents inducing fats and cholesterol. Vodka is known for therapeutic values and it is good source for medications. It comes in many forms, lotions, shampoos, and many other sources. Some of the common health benefits of organic vodka are as follow:
Antiseptic Features:
Normal infections like wounds, animal bites, can be sterilized and cleaned through vodka. It has extractive solvent properties and is perfect for developing alcohol based ointments which can be used for dissolving herbs. It evaporates leaving the curing effects of herbs behind.

Anesthetic Elixir:
Vodka has anesthetic properties and it is used to numb the pain and the aches. It is also a useful astringent to apply on your skin. Vodka is commonly used to make vodka tincture.

Helps Control The Hypertension:
Consumption of vodka can help you control high blood pressure. After receiving a short amount, patients show considerable effects.

Heart Diseases:
Vodka produce dilating effect on the arteries of the heart which in turn stimulates the free flow of blood through veins. Heart attack and strokes, issues related to heart can be avoided with this wonderful drink.

Nutritional Value:
The main ingredient of vodka is carbohydrates. You don't have to be worried about having excess calories in the consumption of vodka. It has relatively less caloric values than beer and other beverages.

Healthy Hair And Skin Products:
Vodka works wonders on skin. It helps in tightening the pores, making you achieve that flawless ageless beauty. It is used in many products like toners, cleansers, acne lotions, etc. it is also very good for your hair. It cleans the scalp and remove the toxic waste and dust from your hair. It also helps in reducing dandruff, and hair loss. It is used in many shampoos and conditioners.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Some Health Benefits Of Vodka You Probably Never Knew About

Vodka cocktails are the life of the parties and a perfect elixir to liven up the lonely evenings spent at balcony of your house. But little do people know about the health benefits of vodka drinks.
Vodka is one of the popular source for mixing it with different flavours and making it a tasty drink, which for bartenders is nothing less than a piece of art. Because of its amazing health benefits, people use vodka cocktail recipes and enjoy fun with the added health element.

Here are some of the health benefits of vodka cocktails:

Antiseptic agent
Vodka is one of the best antiseptic agents to prevent infections in the wounds and animal bites. Sterilizing the wound with vodka cleans it up and if you dissolve some herbs then the alcohol evaporates leaving behind the curative effect of the herbs.

Blood circulation and cardiac protection
Vodka helps in regulating blood pressure, thereby reducing risk of heart attack , cholesterol and hypertension. Vodka has a dilating effect on the arteries due to which there is no obstruction in the flow of blood in the heart components.

Healthy and clean skin:
Vodka has amazing cleansing properties. It helps cleaning the skin pores and it is used in many skincare products like toners, cleansers, anti-acne creams. It also helps to clean the scalp removing the dandruff and toxins your hair might have. It is used in many shampoos and conditioners.

Digestion agent:
If vodka is added into the drinks or in food, it aids in digestion process along with a delectable taste to the recipe.

Fever Reduction:
If vodka is rubbed on the forehead, chest and legs of the patient with a high fever, the high temperature subsides considerably.

Always remember to take vodka in moderation. It can be a healthy drink and effective in taking away the extra stress from your day.