Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Top 6 Italian Vodka Cocktail Recipes That You Must Try

Vodka cocktails are very popular when it comes to serving drinks in a party, whether corporate or personal. And, Italian cocktail are considered the best among all. So, if you are planning a party at your house or for your office, then you should know the top Italian cocktail recipes that you should opt for.

1. Spiced Apple Lemon Drop – Prepared from ingredients like organic apple cider, fresh lemon juice, pumpkin pie spice and organic brown sugar, it is a drink that can light up your party like nothing else. Usually served in a sugar rimmed glass, this can provide the perfect combination of taste and tang.

2. Lemon Ginger Fizz – This recipe includes ginger beer, mint, lemon slices and lemoncino. It can provide your guests the refreshing taste and make your party a hit.

3. Capri Martini
– Martini, the name in itself is a marvel. And, if you are a fan of these drinks than Capri Martini is something that you should certainly try. This drink can be easily prepared with a few ingredients like Vodka, muddled cucumber, orange, lemon and Agave Nectar. To enhance its look, you can garnish it with a cucumber slice.

4. Ginger & Joe
– To prepare this cocktail, various ingredients are used including cold brewed ice coffee, ginger simple syrup, ginger beer and vodka.

5. La Dolce Vita – It provides the perfect combination of ice cream and vodka, which is why it a favorite of many. Along with vanilla ice cream, cold brewed ice coffee, whipped cream and chocolate syrup are used to prepare it.

6. Blackberry Gimlet – As the name clears, this cocktail is prepared from blackberry simple syrup, lemoncino, fresh lemon juice and blackberries for garnish.

Due to the use of fresh ingredients in preparing above mentioned cocktails, they are quite popular while providing a refreshing taste.

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